« Genocide » is a multidisciplinary interactive piece that combines video projection, oil painting, digital imagery, ritualized performance, specialized lighting through the use of candles and audience participation. The piece is meant to evoke simultaneously in the viewing audience the conflicting emotions of compassion and fear. This conflict will hopefully be achieved by combining horrific still images of victims of mass murder which will line the wall of the installation space with video projection of the human detritus of war. In concert with these visuals (which are meant to cause the viewer to feel compassion, pity and sadness) will be actors dressed in military-style costumes with weapons who will represent « oppressors ». These oppressors will play at intimidating the audience through threatening language and menacing gestures. No one may leave the room.

As the video projection nears its end, actors dressed all in black to represent mourners will

Silently light memorial candles which, prior to the performance have been placed on small ledges underneath the digital images that line the walls. These memorial candles will provide the space’s only light as the ritual draws to a close.

The video projection ends and the audience (whose ranks have been joined by the mourners) is herded out of the room by the oppressors. The room is lit solely by the flickering candlelight until the last audience member leaves the installation room.


Shalom NEUMAN (us) _ Vit et travaille à New York