« Deborah »

The piece represents a woman's response to being diagnosed with and treated for cancer.

The piece itself is a sculptural construction replicating a medicine cabinet which, when opened, engages the viewer(s). The construction contains the accouterments of chemotherapy treatment (i.e. IV and medicine bottles, etc.), lights and 2 small paintings of Deborah's eyes and hands.
There is an audio of Deborah speaking about her illness as well as a video projection of her image which is superimposed over the sculpture. The medicine cabinet glass is a 2 way mirror that, depending on the lighting, allows the viewer to see his or her own reflection before deborah's image appears.
The performance involves an actor/individual who is dressed in black (representing death) who SILENTLY encourages viewers to open the cabinet, which then starts the audio and video projection. The piece is meant to be stationary.



Shalom NEUMAN (us) _ Vit et travaille à New York