C.R.A.N.E. - Château de Chevigny / 21 juillet






Théâtre du Lavoir Moderne Parisien / 25 juillet



Village de Drée / 22 juillet



« Dance : Dream of Existence »

Does the performance become an opportunity for exchanging significant ideas for the future between the artist and audience. Yet the performer reminds strictly a catalyst, not drawing any conclusions, and concentrates, on carrying out the role of a cheerful, joyfully laughing character. Improvisation is choice of a moment, it calls audience’s attention to take courage and freedom of choice.  At the end of the performance, the performer stamps on the floor or ground. The energy and the character are what I want to show through improvisational dance.

Kureha SHINJO (jp) _ Vit et travaille à Tokyo


collaboration avec Mari FURUKAWA