C.R.A.N.E. - Château de Chevigny / 21 juillet



Théâtre du Lavoir Moderne Parisien / 25 juillet





Village de Drée / 22 juillet




is a concept and a performance born assuming that in a global community based on financial rules, the human beings, the minds, the nature, even the planet life, are kept "hostage".

Hostages of consumerism, wicked policies, destructive sciences and Power's conflicts. In this way, Zanasi's and Cao's project explores the constructing and de-constructing of space, sound, body, in a range of languages from "theatrical" - where the viewer is a Subject and the performer is an Object - to "non-theatrical" where there is neither Subject nor Object and art equals experience, threshold, no-man's-land.

Massimo & Paola ZANASI (it) _ Vivent et travaillent à Assemini


Teatro ARKA